Russian Manufacturer of Ultrasound systems

Ultrasound system RuScan 70P

Portable universal ultrasound system for expert ultrasound diagnostics

  • 15 inch full HD LED monitor.
  • Cart for transporting with a 3 port splitter.
  • A variety of probes, including transesophageal.
  • Single crystal probes for scanning in an extended frequency range and enhanced imaging as compared to the standard probes.
  • Optional increased capacity rechargeable battery.
  • Application in the operating rooms, intensive care units, ambulance, mobile hospitals.

Mark in the Register of Russian industrial products:

Mark in the Register of Russian industrial products

Ultrasound diagnostic system RuScan 70P

RuScan 70P is a portable expert-class ultrasound system (laptop type) – a perfect solution for a doctor willing to apply the advanced clinical practice experience and take care of the patient anywhere the ultrasound diagnostics is required. Excellent image quality and user-friendly functions provide precise and quick diagnostics and invasive procedures with the use of ultrasound imaging.

Clinical applications: abdominal imaging, obstetrics and gynecology, urology and nephrology, small parts, vascular imaging including TCD, echocardiography including TEE, ultrasound imaging in traumatology and orthopedics, pediatrics and neonatology.

Clinical images

Transducers for scanner

Hi-tech probes provide excellent-quality imaging throughout full scanning depth.
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