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Ultrasound system RuScan 50

Universal ultrasound system

  • 21.5-inch full HD LED monitor
  • 4 active ports for connecting imaging probes (incl. port for pencil probe).
  • A wide range of programs for various clinical applications, including functions for assessing tissue elasticity, myocardial deformity, panoramic imaging, vascular wall assessment, fetal condition assessment, including in volumetric scanning modes, stress echocardiography and other diagnostic capabilities.

Mark in the Register of Russian industrial products:

Mark in the Register of Russian industrial products

Ultrasound diagnostic system RuScan 50

RuScan 50 is a universal ultrasound system (a perfect choice for routine diagnostics) with great imaging quality and providing high diagnostics performance. User-friendly and small-footprint ultrasound system RuScan 50 enables versatile application and can be used at various healthcare institutions including outpatient clinics, hospitals, women’s care clinics and medical centers.

Ultrasound medical diagnostic system RuScan 50 manufactured as per Technical Specifications TU 9442-001-98204792-2016 with accessories is registered:
- in the Register of Russian industrial products: No. 3487\1\2022 dated November 22, 2022.
- in the Unified Register of Russian radio electronic products: No. РЭ-8790/22 dated November 22, 2022.

Clinical applications: obstetrics and gynecology, abdominal imaging, echocardiography, small parts, vascular imaging including TCD, musculoskeletal imaging, pediatrics and neonatology, mammology, oncology, urology and nephrology.

Clinical images

Transducers for scanner

Hi-tech probes provide excellent-quality imaging throughout full scanning depth.
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