Russian Manufacturer of Ultrasound systems

About project

Scientific Research Production Association «SCANNER» (RPA «SCANNER» or NPO «SCANNER») was established in 2006 for the development and manufacturing of advanced diagnostic equipment in Russia. It is currently one of the leading Russian manufacturers of Ultrasound diagnostic systems produced under the «RuScan» brand and developed jointly with Samsung Medison.

About company RPA «SCANNER»

All products by RPA «SCANNER» are registered and have the appropriate documents: Registration Certificate, Declaration of Compliance. Ultrasound diagnostic systems manufactured in Russia are highly competitive with the similar products of the foreign market leaders in terms of imaging quality and operability. Confirmation of the quality is the inclusion of RuScans in the Russian Register of Russian Industrial Products and the Unified Register of Russian Radio-Electronic Products.

Interview with Artem Lomakov, CEO at RPA «SCANNER», for RBK-TV (see Blogs. National Projects):


Today, the range of RuScan products offers middle-class to expert-class models including the portable universal ultrasound system for expert ultrasound diagnostics. The ultrasound systems apply the integrated Russian software. The capabilities of the Russian equipment allow for utilizing the latest advances in the field of ultrasound diagnostics.

The company continues the development of the existing technologies improving the quality of the ultrasound systems currently produced. It is also actively inventing new technologies to be applied in the ultrasound system models planned for future release.


JSC «RPA «SCANNER» is the proprietor of a right for technical and design documents, registered trademark, product Data Sheet, Medical Device Registration Certificate, product Operating Manual and other documents.

JV «Mediace» provides comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

Samsung Medison Со. supplies the technologies and components which are not produced in Russia, provides consulting and technical assistance; such cooperation creates a reliable basis for localizing Samsung’s innovative technologies and ensures access to high-tech diagnostic methods throughout Russia.

Development and manufacturing process

The Project provides for conducting scientific research and development (R&D) to deliver the designs conforming to the requirements of the end users. User feedback is key to continuous and purposeful upgrading of the manufactured product series; the R&D unit, software improvement, new design production and patent protection of a research and technology complex are created to fully meet the needs of the present-day medical institutions.

Development and manufacturing of «RuScans»

Increased manufacturing area

In 2022, RPA «SCANNER» has obtained the status of the SEZ «Technopolis «Moscow» special economic zone resident. At the beginning of 2023, the production of ultrasound diagnostics systems was launched at Pechatniki site.

In the Technopolis SEZ, on its own production site, next to the manufacturing facility, a high-tech R&D laboratory is arranged for the implementation of new developments.